UV invisible printer ink

Available in 6 colors including White, Cyan , Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, and Light Magenta.


Blacklight Reactive

Shine an invisible poster with a blacklight on it in a dark room, it will glow brightly. A blacklight with wave length at 365nm is the optimum.



Bars, laser tag arenas, night clubs, love hotels, motels, blacklight minigolf arenas, haunted houses, etc.. can be decoreated with invisible wallpaper, or invisible prints.


Ink positions

White ink should be filled in the black position. Cyan ink goes to Cyan position. Magenta ink goes to Magenta position. Yellow ink goes to Yellow position. If you have LC and LM positions, have them filled wtih LC and LM ink accordingly.


Printing Settings

For chemical-wiese, therer's no invisible ink in black. So, users should make a conversion in Photoshop before printing. (1) Open an image in RGB. (2) Ctrl+U (adjsut color hue and lightness). (3) Increase colr hue (+140) (4) Ctrl+I (invert the image to negative film) (5) Have the image printed with non-bleached paper.


Paper Selection

Please be aware that most white copy paper has fluorescent brighteners to make it look whitere. These brighteners are usually fluorescent blue, invisible ink can be hard to detect on bright white paper. So, it's hightly recommended to use paper W/O optical brighteners added for invisible printings